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Statewide 988 Awareness Survey

The following is a short, anonymous survey to gauge Kentucky residents’ awareness of the new 3-digit line, 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Please CLICK on the following link: 988 Suicide And Crisis Lifeline Survey

Workshop: Planning For Effective Communication In Behavioral Health Care With Individuals Who Have Hearing Loss - December 1 2023 11:30am-1:00pm

Please CLICK on the following link in order to register: Register HERE!

Hearing Life Magazine Summer Issue Now Available!

Please CLICK on the following link: Hearing Life Magazine

HLAA Action Alert! Urge Your Representatives in Congress to Pass This Important Law!

On July 25, 2023, Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA-16) reintroduced the Communications, Video and Technology Accessibility Act (CVTA) bill, coinciding with the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which became law July 26, 1990. It's purpose is to update digital accessibility for current technologies. HLAA advocated and fully supports this important modernization of the original 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), which was signed into law in 2010. Your help is needed to pass this critical legislation. Urge your representatives to support CVTA today by clicking on this link: CVTA Action Guide

Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Services (DHHS) Biennial Report 2021 - 2023

During this report period, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services program navigated a global pandemic that required isolation to control the spread of COVID-19. As a result, the world became more aware of the need for access to services. Kentucky relied on the belief, "We will get through this. We will get through this together." We learned the importance of human connection and the challenges of isolation. For individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Later Deafened, DeafBlind, or DeafDisabled, the pandemic brought additional communication challenges. We could not touch. We masked. We went virtual. We were afraid and life was uncertain. The DBHDID Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services program worked hard to connect with individuals and providers virtually, to address workforce shortages and to mediate the social and emotional effects of the pandemic. This report reflects those efforts as well as the challenges and opportunities ahead to create a more equitable and resilient system of care for individuals with hearing loss across the Commonwealth. Please CLICK on the following link: Biennial Report

HLAA's 2022 Annual Report Is Now Out!

Released at our recent convention in New Orleans, this report details our impact and strategic plans moving forward. Read how our donors, members, sponsors and Hear for Life partners have helped improve the lives of millions of people with hearing loss in the last year. With your generosity and participation, we’re elevating hearing health and accessible communication and strengthening our community of support across the country. Please CLICK on the following link: HLAA's 2022 Annual Report

Cochlear Implant Research Opportunity

My name is Oscar Schrag. I am an Industrial Design Master's Student at the Parsons School for Design. My work in the program is focused on health and medical design.  I am currently conducting research for my thesis on the ergonomics of cochlear implants. The project was brought to Parsons by the parents of a 7-year-old child, who uses cochlear implants. This child leads an active lifestyle; plays soccer, runs on the playground, and is joyful and energetic. There have been issues with the outside transmitter of the CI falling off or disconnecting while playing. This project aims to propose solutions for keeping Cochlear Implants connected while participating in active extracurricular activities such as team sports. The project will explore a redesign, modification, or adaptation for these implants. The project will also explore a secondary user group: adult athletes with cochlear implants. This is why I am reaching out to you. I am hoping to interview 10-20 adults aged 18-75 with cochlear implants who do any form of exercise. Would you be interested in participating? Here is the project flyer and intake form for the study. Thank you for your time and generosity: Flyer  Intake Form

Google Maps Now Includes Hearing Loops

Thanks to a joint effort by HLAA’s Get in the Hearing Loop (GITHL) program and Google, you can now use the Google Maps app to find out before you go if a hearing loop is available at a business or venue. Please CLICK on the following link:  Google Maps Now Includes Hearing Loops

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community Partnership Helps Bring Additional Access, Resources To FindHelpNow Website

One of the biggest obstacles for individuals struggling with substance misuse is access to treatment. Depending on the individual, access can mean more than finding an open bed in a substance use disorder (SUD) treatment facility. For those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or DeafBlind, there is often a lack of understanding between those with and without hearing loss and, many times, providers don’t grasp what is truly involved in providing culturally affirmative and linguistically accessible treatment. However, thanks to a partnership between near-real-time substance use disorder treatment locator and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services program at the Kentucky Division for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DBHDID), the website now offers information in American Sign Language (ASL) and has resources specifically created for the diverse linguistic community. Please CLICK on the following link: Additional Access And Resources To FindHelpNow Website

HLAA IN Action - HLAA Promotes Consumer Protection In Comments For New Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Rule

HLAA filed comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its proposed rule establishing Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids.  Once finalized by the FDA, consumers 18 and older with mild to moderate hearing loss will be able to purchase hearing aids at retail and online outlets. Please CLICK on the following link: HLAA In Action

Survey On Improving The Health Care System - A Call To Action

Be part of the solution! Participate in research that investigates the impact of communication access on the quality of health care! The Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center is seeking respondents who are age 60 or above, have age-related hearing loss and have seen a health care provider within the past two years to complete a 15-minute web survey on improving the way the health care system cares for your community. To learn more, please CLICK on the following link: Details

Survey Request From The The Lancet Commission And RTI International 

The Lancet Commission and RTI International are conducting research to learn about people who are deaf or have a hearing loss. We are inviting you to consider participating by completing a 45-minute online survey associated with being an individual with a hearing loss. Please CLICK on the following link: Survey

HLAA Receives Award From The TSA Recognizing Consumer Advocacy Partnership

On September 19, HLAA received the good news that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was presenting its annual Coalition Partner award to HLAA during the agency’s 19th annual Disability and Multicultural Coalition Conference. Please CLICK on the following link: Reward

Travel To Get Easier For Telecoil Users

In the past year or so there's been an explosion of what could be industry-altering hearing loop news in the field of transportation, ready to go for us for when we’re all fully back on the road. Please CLICK on the following link: Telecoil News

‘We Hear You’ Wins Best Film On Disability

The hearing loss documentary 'We Hear You' goes mainstream, with a win for Best Film on Disability in the June 2021 awards at the Cannes World Film Festival! As a monthly Winner, 'We Hear You' is automatically entered in the Annual Competition for a chance to become a Grand Winner and be screened in Cannes during the festival’s annual Award Ceremony in 2022. Please CLICK on the following link: We Hear You

New Book Spotlighting Parents And Disabilities

“A Celebration of Family: Stories of Parents with Disabilities” contains the stories of thirty families. In every family, one or both parents have disabilities: physical, mental, sensory, and/or intellectual. The stories illustrate the infinite variety of the American family. It is that variety that gives the family both its strength and its beauty. Like individuals, no two families are the same. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: New Book

How To Use To Locate Addiction Treatment

Finding substance use disorder and addiction treatment options for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals may prove challenging. Watch this 6-minute video to learn how to locate available substance use disorder Kentucky-based treatment facilities that offer additional support. The video has ASL. Please CLICK on the following link: Video

Learn About CMV And Bella's Bill!

Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is a major cause of childhood deafness. Most CMV infections are not diagnosed without newborn screening, resulting in missed opportunities for directed care. Please CLICK on the following link: Bella's Bill

Captioned Telephone Service Study Opportunity

Many members of HLAA use a captioned telephone service, also known as Internet Protocol (IP)-based Captioned Telephone Services (IP-CTS). The Rochester Institute of Technology and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (RIT/NTID) is seeking participants for an important study to assess current IP-CTS Telephone Services applications. This study is sponsored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Please CLICK on the following link: Captioned Telephone Service Study

Survey Finds Face Masks Inhibit Communication For 95% Of People With Hearing Loss

This is according to a new survey conducted by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) in partnership with Cochlear Limited. Hearing loss is an invisible disease that affects almost 50 million Americans. The online survey of 1,399 participants sought to find out the pandemic's impact on those in the hearing loss community, including individuals with hearing loss, their loved ones and their hearing health care professionals. Please CLICK on the following link: Results of Survey

HLAA Appointed To The FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee

HLAA has once again been appointed to sit on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). Please CLICK on the following link: Announcement

U.S. Department Of Transportation Announces Final Rule On Traveling By Air With Service Animals

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it is revising its Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) regulation on the transportation of service animals by air to ensure a safe and accessible air transportation system.  Please CLICK on the following link: Final Rule On Traveling By Air With Service Animals

All Is Calm: Our Hopes For Tinnitus

These phrases from “Silent Night”, the beautiful Christmas carol, are the goal for anyone who lives with tinnitus—especially the rough, unrelenting tinnitus that prevents us from getting to sleep, staying asleep, or getting back to sleep when we awake at 2am and the whooshes and whines roar into our heads like trains. Please CLICK on the following link: All Is Calm

HLAA Files Comments With USPSTF On Hearing Screening

In October 2020, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) published draft recommendations concluding that “the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for hearing loss in older adults.”HLAA continues to support screening for hearing loss for adults and is disappointed in the conclusions made by the USPSTF. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: HLAA Files Comments With USPSTF On Hearing Screening

Hearing Loss And Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Please CLICK on the following link: Hearing Loss And COVID-19 Resources

AG Bell Launches Parent Hotline For Hearing-Loss Support

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) recently launched a confidential, bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline for parents and other caregivers of children newly identified with hearing loss. Please CLICK on the following links for more details: Parent Hotline For Hearing-Loss Support Videos

American Red Cross: Free Fire Alarms For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

Please CLICK on the following link for details: Free Fire Alarms

Does Our Personality Affect How We Deal With Our Hearing Loss? Take Part In The Following Survey!

Please CLICK on the following link: Survey

Real ID: New Driver's Licenses Explained

To satisfy the federally mandated standards for state driver's licenses or ID cards, beginning in 2019, Kentucky will be issuing “Real ID” compliant driver’s licenses and ID cards. The purpose of the Real ID program is to make flying in the United States safer for all Americans. If you live in the US and you plan to fly in the US, you will be required to have a Real ID by October 1, 2020. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Real ID: New Driver's Licenses Explained

Volunteers Needed For The Telecare Program

Michelle Niehaus, LCSW Program Administrator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services KY DBHDID has sent an update on the work of a Study Group on the Needs of Senior Citizens who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Her department has partnered with ElderServe and are recruiting volunteers for the TeleCare program.  Volunteers will have a brief screening and a one hour training.  They will then call a senior between 1 and 5 times a week to check in. Once a pool of volunteers is formed, scheduled training will commence.  After that,  recruitment of Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals  will take place to receive the calls. Volunteers can be from anywhere but will need to come to Louisville for a screening and training.  Call recipients must be from Jefferson County.

For more information please contact Michelle on (502) 782-6181 (V) or (502) 385-0460 (VP). You can also email to

Guidance On Preparing Pets And Animals For Disasters And Emergencies

Your pet is an important member of your household and the best way to protect your pet from the stress and disruption of an emergency is to have a disaster pet kit and a plan that includes whether you will stay at home or evacuate during an emergency event. Being ready increases the likelihood of survival for all involved and reduces stress and worry for both pets and their owners. Please CLICK on the following link for details: Guidance

Message From KCDHH - Red Cross Volunteer Interpreters Needed!

Please CLICK on the following link for details: Interpreters Needed!

Accessibility And Translation For Live Shows

Using this mobile app, live shows, theater, music and opera can include everyone, anywhere. Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: App Details

Visor Cards, ICE Cards, Etc. - What They Are, Why You Need Them And Where To Get Them

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) have visor cards for those in Kentucky. An ICE (In Case of Emergency) Communication Card and a business card for communication are also available. The Visor Communication Card Program is a combined effort of the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) and the Kentucky State Police. The laminated cards, which feature simple traffic signs on the front, with specialized instructions for law enforcement on the back, are being distributed to deaf, oral deaf and hard of hearing consumers throughout Kentucky.Please CLICK on the following link for details: Details

Also read up about the Becky Crawford Memorial Hospital Communication Kit. Please CLICK on the following link: Becky Crawford Memorial Hospital Communication Kit

Also, to find details on Emergency Preparedness, please CLICK on the following link: Emergency Preparedness

American Red Cross: Free Fire Alarms For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

Did you know that in the interest of reducing injuries and deaths from fires, the American Red Cross is now distributing free fire/smoke alarms to qualifying deaf and hard of hearing Kentuckians? Please CLICK on the following link for details: Free Fire/Smoke Alarms

FCC Improves Phone Accessibility For People With Hearing Loss

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, October 24 approved updates to various Commission rules for hearing aid compatibility and volume control on wireline and wireless telephones. Please CLICK on the following link for details: FCC Improves Phone Accessibility For People With Hearing Loss

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening To Prevail Under EHDI Act Of 2017

Federal funding for universal newborn hearing screening will prevail until 2022 under the The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Act of 2017, which officially became law last month. Please CLICK on the following link for details: Universal Newborn Hearing Screening To Prevail

It Is Good To Be Prepared When Pulled Over By The Police

This news article describes an item called The Pullover Pal. It is a pocket type folder that can hold driver’s license, insurance, registration etc. and can be draped over the window for quick access if one is pulled over by the police. This is especially helpful if one might have trouble hearing police instructions and accessing different locations in the vehicle might create anxiety and questions from the officer. Having everything in one place could make things easier and less stressful. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Article 

You can also purchase Deaf and Hard of Hearing Cards which identify you as HOH/deaf and may ease misunderstandings. Please CLICK on the following link for more information: Cards 

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) has visor alerts available as well. Please CLICK on the following link to access their website: KCDHH

HLAA KY Home Chapter Thanks You!

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Join The HearingJourney™ Online Forum

The HearingJourney™ online forum is the premier place to chat, laugh, learn, and share stories about cochlear implants and hearing loss. It has over 30,000 participants, so why not register with it today. Please CLICK on the following link: Online Forum

A Cure For Hearing Loss And Tinnitus Is Within Our Grasp

Please CLICK on the following link to read up on the recent work carried out by the Hearing Health Foundation: Curing Hearing Loss


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