Are You New To Hearing Loss?
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Best Online Hearing Tests Of 2023, According To Audiologists

Hearing loss, or suspecting you may have hearing loss, can feel like a daunting discovery for some. If you’re concerned you or a loved one may have some degree of hearing loss but don’t have immediate access to care, an online hearing test might help. Below, a panel of audiologists who sit on the Forbes Health Advisory Board offer their recommendations on the best online hearing tests. Read on to learn more about our audiologists’ top recommendations, as well as their thoughts on online hearing tests and how to choose the best one for you. Please CLICK on the following link: Best Online Hearing Tests Of 2023

Types of Hearing Aids: How To Choose The Right One

Currently, there are several types, or styles, of hearing aids, each offering its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the user’s preferences, degree of hearing loss and physical abilities. Please CLICK on the following link: How To Choose The Right Hearing Aid

New To Hearing Aids? 10 Tips To Make Your Adjustment Smoother

In many cases, hearing aids are misunderstood. Some people expect the devices to restore their hearing to “normal” automatically like glasses can for people with vision problems. Adjusting to hearing aids does take effort, as well as some trial and error, but they can be invaluable tools that help keep users connected to the people and activities they love. Understanding what to expect—including some common obstacles to overcome—is the first step toward a successful transition to hearing aids. Please CLICK on the following link: New To Hearing Aids?

Hearing Loss Is More Common Than Diabetes. Why Aren’t We Addressing It?

With the rate of hearing loss in the United States expected to almost double in the next four decades, the National Council On Aging (NCOA) Reviews Team set out to understand the scope of the problem, the risks, and what prevents people from seeking treatment. Please CLICK on the following link: Why Aren't We Addressing It?

3 Types Of Hearing Loss | Which One Do You Have?

Dr. Rachael Cook, audiologist at Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, talks about the 3 different types of hearing loss, including their main causes, if it can be prevented, and treatment options. Please CLICK on the following link: Which Type Of Hearing Loss Do You Have?

OTC Hearing Aids: What You Should Know

To increase the public’s access to hearing aids and improve hearing, the FDA established a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for adults 18 years of age and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, that went into effect on October 17, 2022. Please CLICK on the following link: OTC Hearing Aids: What You Should Know

Can I get A Hearing Aid Without An Audiologist? Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

As we age, our hearing abilities can begin to decline, making it difficult to communicate and fully participate in daily life. Unfortunately, traditional hearing aids can be quite expensive, making them out of reach for many individuals who need them. That is where over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids come in. So can you get hearing aids without seeing an audiologist? Please CLICK on the following link: Can I Get A Hearing Aid Without An Audiologist?

How To Spot An OTC Hearing Aid Scam

Now that over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are available across the country, you may be tempted to go online and see what the options are. Unfortunately, it's a bit Wild West, with legitimate OTC hearing aids being sold adjacent to low-quality products, or even downright scams. Please CLICK on the following link: How To Spot An OTC Hearing Aid Scam

Beyond The Audiogram: Whole-Brain Hearing And Listening

Difficulty hearing in noise often drives older adults to seek help, but most hearing screening tests are for loudness, not clarity. Both measures are needed for fully informed diagnosis and treatment. Please CLICK on the following link: Beyond The Audiogram

Video: Basic Facts Of Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link: Basic Facts

Video: Diagnosis Of Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link: Diagnosis

Video: Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link: Symptoms

Video: Treatment Of Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link: Treatment

Video: Living With Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link: Coping

Video: Causes & Prevention Of Hearing Loss

Please CLICK on the following link: Cause & Prevention

Video: Information on Hearing Devices

Please CLICK on the following link: Devices

The 6 Main Differences Between Hearing Aid Technology Levels

Dr. Clifford R. Olson from Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona discusses the 6 main differences between Hearing Aid Technology Levels and what you need to know before buying hearing aids.Please CLICK on the following link:The 6 Main Differences

Hearing Aids For The First Time | Things You MUST Know!

Dr. Clifford Olson, Audiologist from Anthem Arizona, tells you what to expect when receiving hearing aids for the first time. Please CLICK on the following link: Hearing Aids For The First Time


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