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Special Article: Read How I progressed This Month With My New Cochlear Implant - By Donna Woods

In this blog, Donna Woods opens up by describing her hearing loss progression over the years that finally led to her having a cochlear implant procedure carried out recently. Donna was first diagnosed with hearing loss and Meniere‚Äôs Disease over 30 years ago. Currently, she is one of two HLAA representatives based in Bowling Green, KY who provide assistance and guidance to the hearing loss community in that area. She has extensive knowledge and experience of hearing loss and treatment with hearing aids. In this blog, she gives a personal account of her own recent experience of having a cochlear implant, the recovery process associated with it and finally the activation and fine-tuning of the device. If you are considering having a cochlear implant and want to understand more on what it entails, then please CLICK on this link: Donna's Cochlear Implant Journey

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