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How To Read An Audiogram

Have you ever wondered how to read an Audiogram and how to understand your hearing test results? Just exactly what does it all mean? What is an Audiogram? An Audiogram is a graph that shows the person's hearing. It tells us the type and degree of hearing loss. The results of the hearing test are plotted on an Audiogram. This video explains it to you - please CLICK on the following link: How To Read An Audiogram

How Do Hearing Aids Work To Treat Hearing Loss?

How do hearing aids work to treat hearing loss? Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions, discusses what hearing aids actually do when treating hearing loss. Please CLICK on the following link: How Do Hearing Aids Work?

FM Listening Systems: Classroom Tool for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Jamie Berke describes how an FM Assistive Listening Device can enhance one’s hearing. Please CLICK on the following link: FM Listening Systems

Journey of Sound to the Brain

This animated video from the NIDCD illustrates how sounds travel from the ear to the brain, where they are interpreted and understood. Please CLICK on the following link: Journey Of Sound To The Brain

FM Systems for people with hearing Loss

A frequency-modulated (FM) system is an ALD that makes it easier for people with hearing loss to hear what others are saying in noisy environments, like a theater, school, church, museum or other public places. This wireless system, also called a personal FM system, uses radio waves to deliver speech signals directly from the speaker's mouth to the listener's ears. Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: FM Systems For People With Hearing Loss

How Do Induction Loops Work?

An induction loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: How Do Hearing Loops Work?

How Does A Hearing Loop System Work In Your Home?

This video  provides a clear explanation of how a hearing loop system, installed in your home, would function to assist people with hearing loss to hear more clearly. Please CLICK on the following link: How a Hearing Loop System Works In Your Home

Hearing Dogs And How They Help People With Hearing Loss

Hearing Dogs assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals by alerting them to a variety of household sounds such as a door knock or doorbell, alarm clock, oven buzzer, telephone, baby cry, name call or smoke alarm. Dogs are trained to make physical contact and lead their deaf partners to the source of the sound. The following are two video clips describing the usefulness of having a hearing dog when you have hearing loss ! Please CLICK on the following links: How A Hearing Dog Works  A Day Through A Deaf Person's Eyes

How A Cochlear Implant Works

Cochlear implants bypass damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. Signals generated by the implant are sent by way of the auditory nerve to the brain, which recognizes the signals as sound. This video explains how it all works! Please CLICK on the following link: How A Cochlear Implant Works

Cochlear Implantation Procedure From Start To Finish

This video shows the whole cochlear implantation procedure, from start to finish. Please CLICK on the following link: Procedure


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